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Finally, a new challenge

Why am I posting this, I can bet you're thinking right now.
Like most of us, the moderator lordxabortion has been very occupied with school and these things lately.
So I'm the new co mod and I'll post challenges and stuff when Sam and Mats haven't got time.
Also I became co-mod because I was constantly nagging Mats about a new challenge so he let me post it.


For this challenge I chose the bassists from Marilyn Manson

Image hosted by

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by Image hosted by

-> You can use both images, but do NOT mix the different artists. (Which means, chose either Twig or Tim. You won't be divided into teams, so chose whoever you like.)
-> You may submit maximum two icons.
-> Graphically, anything is allowed. Yes, animation too. As long as it follows LJ's limitations.
-> Icon(s) must be submitted by friday 2nd of September.
-> Submit your work in a screened comment to this entry, provided with the URL.

I encourage all of you to give it a shot. If it turns out crap, submit it anyway. No one will know it was you anyway :P and I got first prize myself twice so you actually have big chances.
If you don't, the least you can do as a member is vote.
Sorry about the crap bases but atleast now you have something to work with until next Friday. You got extra time due to the big delay & it being thursday today. Voting will start Saturday 3rd.

Good luck! (and may the force be with you!)
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